Remembering 12:51, 22 February, 2011

We all feel for Christchurch, Canterbury, as one year on it continues to valiantly meet the challenges of lately passed earthquakes. We remember today the people injured and the those who were lost one year ago.

I sometimes think, that it must be too much- too hard to bear, for the people of Christchurch and internationally, who were affected by the raw upheavals we remember. But, this must stand as a lesson to us, the people of Christchurch are emerging as a stronger and gentler community, and will forever stand united, helping each other and those around them.

We wish that the City Councils will strengthen and prepare their communities for potential natural disasters, especially earthquakes. And we wish that the scientists can now on help us be ready, mentally as well as practically, for the possibilites of earthquakes.

Christchurch has proven to us, that we need not despair when trouble strikes like a hammer. When we bond together and help each other, we may recover in the pressure of uncommon strain.

New Zealand offers its heartfelt condolences and hopes to Christchurch today. We can only admire your spirit, and tell you that we feel deeply for your loss. Today we, with respect, salute Christchurch!

They prevent access by consumers to “copyright infringing websites”…

I am a New Zealander, living in New Zealand, and I use the Internet everyday for work, communication, instruction, friends, learning, helping others, hobbies, and play. In other words, I am also an cybercitizen of the world wide web.

I believe Hollywood should not censor the World Wide Web, no matter how much money is involved. There are many things wrong with the proposed bills before the US Government. Moreover, I do not believe the Stop Online Piracy Act will be effective in ending internet piracy over the web.

I highly recommend this simple news article by GrrlScientist.

The PIPA v. SOPA chart via @publicknowledge

The PROTECT Intellectual Property Act, "PIPA" and The Stop Online Piracy Act, "SOPA"


If you are an american, please contact your political representatives and/or write Congress. If you’re an internet user from the rest of the world, please join me in signing a petition to State Department:

For your website:

Thank you for your attention with this important issue.

your friend thinsmek


Our family sold the machine for NZ$600 on Trade Me. (TradeMe is a online auction website in New Zealand. It provides the same services to Kiwis that ebay serves to Americans.)

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